Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

DSCN7224DSCN7225Today is Mom’s birthday. It’s a big one…86! She makes the most of all her birthdays because it is a day celebrated all over the world. Especially by anyone who has a drop of Irish blood in them, which she does. Just the one, but it makes all the difference in the world. She loves putting on all her Irish gear…buttons, hats, jewelry, pins, scarves, blouses, bags, you name it. All at the same time. It’s a hoot and she loves it.
This year she was asked by the local library to loan some of her Irish and St. Patrick’s Day goodies to put in their display cases for March. And, boy, did she! Mugs, cards, stationery, dishes, knick-knacks, etc., etc., etc. The librarians were so tickled to have all that gorgeous greenery. One item is a framed postcard that came from a lovely bookshop on Etsy called “MostlyBooks”. Two years ago I won a prize in a rebus puzzle that Sam and Jeri, the mother and son owners, were featuring in a treasury. It was a perfect little antique St. Patricks Day postcard and I had a perfect little frame for it. It was just meant to be.

‘Tis the Luck of the Irish!!

p.s.: You can find “MostlyBooks” here – https://www.etsy.com/shop/MostlyBooks

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One Response to Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  1. What a great collection, thanks for including us, ’tis a fine blog! Jeri

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