Happy Easter, Happy Spring!! . . .

Although there is still snow on the ground here, and the possibility of more to come, Spring is definitely on the way.  It’s in the feel of the air, the quality of the light, the color of the sky.  Easter and spring celebrations are taking place all over.  Sunrise church services, Easter egg hunts, Easter parades.  Everywhere people are eager to leave behind their drab winter garb and show off their sartorial splendiferousness.  (Yes, it’s a real word.) 

I remember as a kid, one of the local television stations would always show the movie “Easter Parade” starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.  We’d all sit and watch and sing along with Judy and Fred and admire their light-footedness.  The best part was at the end of the movie where they are all dressed up and strolling down “The Avenue, 5th Avenue” while singing the title song.  Of course, this was long before cable or satellite t.v., and most homes only had one television set. Ours was black and white.


1948_easter_parade (2)

Years later, I was stunned by how different everything looked in color.  It was like a whole ‘nother film.  Sartorial splendiferousness, indeed!

Family Easter celebrations have their traditional foods, too.  Ham is a general favorite, with all the trimmings, and hard-boiled eggs in some form or other, of course.  After all, the Easter Bunny left tons of them for the kiddies and you’ve gotta use ’em up somehow.  Those and the chocolate bunnies.  And the Cadbury eggs.  And the Peeps. And the green coconut grass.

Deviled eggs are my favorite way to use up all the eggs at Easter.  I have no special recipe, I just make it up as I go along.  The only thing required is mustard powder.  That is the “deviled” part of deviled eggs. Other things are added as and how I feel like adding them: onion, dill, sweet pickle relish, paprika, curry powder, minced celery or celery seed, parsley, black pepper, and so on. 

I like to use a little mayo to dress the egg yolks; mash everything well with a fork and simply spoon it back into the egg whites and give them a quick sprinkle of paprika to make them look pretty.  Every once in a while I get real fancy-shmancy and use a decorating bag and pipe the mashed yolks into cutesy swirls and twirls. But as fast as everyone gobbles them up, I know they aren’t looking at my handiwork.  I do it anyway. They’re worth it. 

Whatever  and however you celebrate this weekend, I wish you Happy with a capital H!

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