The Big Cheesy

Here it is.  My first sandwich for National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month!

In my quest to come up with a new taste for my grilled cheese sandwich, I went to the nearest grocery store yesterday and gazed hopefully into their deli case.  Understand, first of all, that I live in a smallish town in North Eastern Wisconsin.  Second of all, while Wisconsin is the nation’s “Dairy State”, our local choices are a bit limited despite the fact that there are untold numbers of dairy farms producing the milk that will eventually become cheese, and curds, and whey, and so on, and so on. 

That being said, here’s what I picked out…..some provolone cheese and some olive loaf lunch meat.  I know it sounds like an odd combination, but I saw the words “provolone” and “olive” and immediately thought “Italy!” (I recently watched “Under The Tuscan Sun” for the thousandth time!)  So, without further ado, I bought two slices of each.


I figured that with two slices of each, I could try making one sandwich and if I messed up, I could try again.  What I didn’t figure on was hearing the siren call of the olive loaf slices late in the evening resulting in some surreptitious snacking of one of the said slices.

I decided not to buy a different bread.  Partly because I had some bread to use up at home and partly because I didn’t see anything terribly tempting. This afternoon,  I made my grilled olive loaf and provolone cheese sandwich.  I grilled it the way I always do, using the one olive loaf slice and two slices of provolone.  I forgot to take pictures of assembling it, but did get one after I flipped it.  Nicely browned, I think.   And a before and after of the tasting. 


I’ll be heading to the Big City this weekend and will hit up some of the bigger stores to see what  selections they have….more cheesiness coming soon!


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