My most recent creation for NGCSM (National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month) was a hit and miss kinda thing. I was surfing the ‘net last week for some ideas for another grilled cheese and came away feeling there isn’t enough time in the world to get through all the fabulous combinations  out there. So I kept a couple of ideas in my head for my next shopping trip.

On Saturday I was browsing around the bakery department and decided I’d like to try some pumpernickel.  Then I moseyed on over to the deli and picked up some mozzarella to go with.   It was late when I got home, so everything went in the frig until the next day.

Lunchtime Sunday rolls around and I assemble my sandwich for grilling.  I used a cast iron skillet and when I plopped the sandwich in it sizzled beautifully.  My mouth began to water and I couldn’t wait for that first bite. 

Here is where the miss part comes in.  When I am using white bread, I determine doneness by looks.  A couple flips to give it a nice even, golden brown color and melt the cheese.  How in the heck was I supposed to see “golden” brown on a black bread, hmm?   A couple flips later and I couldn’t tell.  So I left it on a bit longer and when I smelled it just ever-so-slightly beginning to scorch, I flipped it onto my plate.   Couldn’t see a thing, but I just knew it was not a success. To put it mildly. 

However, not wanting to be wasteful, I trimmed the crusts off, scraped the scorched part by feel, cut it in half, and gave it a try.  The verdict?  In a word . . . fuggeddaboudit.

Older (by 10 minutes) and wiser, I started all over and this time, I guesstimated the grilling time and by giving it just one flip and trusting the grilled-cheese-sandwich gods, I slid it onto the plate, cut it in half and TA-DA!!  It’s a Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!   (this is the hit part)


I wish my photography skills were better.  Simple fare though it is, I didn’t do it justice.  The bread was crispy and the cheese was soft but not runny.  I had sprinkled a little minced fresh basil over the cheese before grilling and it gave a little extra fresh springtime flavor. 

I have a loaf of french bread for making bruschetta and I’ll save some for another GCS in a day or two.  It may be snowing again later this week, so I’ll probably make some soup to go with.  Soup, sandwich, and snow.  Unbeatable!

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