Please Do Not Attempt This At Home…

First of all,  I don’t like liver sausage. 

Don’t even like thinking about liver sausage.  Or liver pate. Or just plain old liver.

So, while I am looking through a big bunch of old cookbooks for grilled cheese sandwich ideas, I come across this num-num-nummy appetizer from a 1950s Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. You know the book, the one covered in red and white gingham. 

Red Gingham BHG Cookbook

Red Gingham BHG Cookbook

Everybody and their mom, and their mom’s mom, had one of these when I was growing up.

Anyway, the appetizer….it’s a real beauty, doncha think? 

Nummy appetizer

Nummy appetizer

 Who on earth has ever, and I mean EVER, made one of these? 

That is NOT a pineapple!  It’s a pound of liver sausage mixed with lemon juice, Worcestershire, and mayo.  That’s not cheese slathered all over it and scored, either.  It’s some tasty “frosting” made of gelatine and mayo.  And leave us not forget the sliced, stuffed green olives, begad.

The only real thing about that pineapple is the top.

Yep, that is a real top of a real pineapple stuck down into a pound of liver sausage! Where in heck did the real pineapple go?  Or did the stores sell just the pineapple tops for food decoration?   Does anybody really know? 

Does anybody even care?  If so, I can’t imagine why.  Oh, no.

Like I said earlier, I don’t like liver sausage, and this does nothing to endear it to me.  Actually, even if I did like liver sausage (which I don’t), this would probably put me right off it!  It looks and sounds positively vomititious! (Is that a real word?)

Let me re-iterate….

Please, Do Not Attempt This At Home!

(Or at anyone else’s home, for that matter!)

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2 Responses to Please Do Not Attempt This At Home…

  1. katesingear says:

    That is absolutely disgusting!!! ugh, and I suppose you had to share the photo for the full effect? I don’t think anyone could picture that in their minds, and for that – I thank you. LOVE the red gingham cookbook!!

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