My Very First Cookbook!!!!…….

No, no, I didn’t write it. I read it.  When I was 8 or 9.   “Miss B.’s First Cookbook”,  the world’s most special-est cookbook because, you see, I was also a Miss B.  It was as though someone wrote a cookbook just for moi, Miss B.  It was terribly exciting.  To an 8 or 9 year-old girl.

My very first cookbook

My very first cookbook

My grandma bought the book for me at a library sale.  I pored over all the recipes to decide which one I would try first.  There were recipes in there for things I had seen my mother make, but there were also some incredibly exotic recipes I’d never heard of . . . Egg Whip, Gypsies, Fluff-Duff, Sea-foam Candy.   How deliciously intriguing.

Egg WhipGypsies

Fluff-DuffSea-foam Candy

With Miss B.’s help, we practiced good kitchen hygiene before we started a recipe and after we finished cooking.

And then we got to work . . .



And then the best part, we EAT!


In the end, I only cooked a few of the recipes from Miss B.’s cookbook. My mother taught me all the basics, and from there I could use any cookbook I wanted.  But this is still my first and favorite cookbook. Mine and Miss B’s.  Because, as you know . . .


 Cooking IS so much fun!!

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