Seeds, Soil, and Worm Poop . . .

That bit about the worm poop grabbed your attention, didn’t it?  Heh heh heh. 

The Community Garden people had a presentation at the library to talk about different types of seeds (hybrid and heirloom), what makes a good soil, and how to improve our soil.  The folks who gave the presentation had samples of things we can do such as composting, vermiculture (that’s where the worm poop comes in), mulching, ground cover in winter, and that sort of thing. 

They brought in samples of what they were explaining to us: 


compostable kitchen and yard waste, finished compost, worm casts (aka “poop”), various seeds, and some seedlings.  They plan on having a few more of these presentations and will, along with the University Extension Office, attempt to educate the newbies in the group. 

Since the meeting took place at the library, the wonderful librarians at the Algoma Public Library very kindly set up a display of some of the gardening books available for check-out.

garden books 1

garden books 2

garden books 3

Some of these I’ve read before, some I have my eye on to sneak a peek between the covers.  I have much to learn, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Now, I’ve had veggie gardens before, but I still consider myself a newbie.  I have some experience, read some books, planted some seeds, and own some tools, the sum of which makes me some kind of gardener. 

Stick with me to find out just exactly what kind I am!


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2 Responses to Seeds, Soil, and Worm Poop . . .

  1. katesingear says:

    I have a feeling “green beans” are it. I don’t know why?, I read this and thought “GREEN BEANS!!” I think I have a picture somewhere 😉

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