National Volunteer Week…

National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 by President Richard Nixon. Every year, volunteers across the U.S. are recognized and honored for their service to others.

Over the years I’ve volunteered at different places, and I always appreciate being recognized for my work.  This year was no different. My current volunteer work is at the local Long Term Care Unit. Twice a week I help out with activities for a couple of hours in the afternoon. 

This year all the volunteers were honored with a luncheon at a popular local restaurant.  After lunch we played a trivia game played at the LTCU.  If you knew the answer to a trivia question, you shouted it out.  First one to correctly answer would get a small tote bag. Inside each tote was a slip of paper with a prize written on it. Pick a tote bag and win the prize.  Ready, Set, GO!!!

First, some questions about “Radio Days” – Celebrity Trivia from the 1930s and 40s.  I didn’t get any of the answers (thank heaven! I mean, I’m getting’ old, but not that old!).  A few of the older volunteers knew all those answers. Then 1940s trivia.  I did know a couple of the answers, but wasn’t quick enough.  The elders were faster. 

Then came “State Mottoes”.  Now, we’re talking!  I waited until they got to “The Golden State”, my birthplace, to shout out the answer. 

Then, I chose a tote from the four styles available


and I won a cute coffee mug


with instant cappuccino, cocoa, and tea inside. 


It was a good day all around.  A wonderful lunch with friends, fun games, lots of laughter, sweet gifts to say “Thank You”, and home for a nap. (hey! I said I’m getting’ old!)

It’s nice to be appreciated.


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