The Penultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

Still looking for grilled cheese sandwich ideas, even though it’s the end of April.  I’ve been dealing with an aging cat (16-plus years!) who has become a bit deaf, recently developed a somewhat more finicky than usual palate, and is extra needy in a “come-sit-on-the-floor-and-pet-me-because-I’m-just-going-to-lie-here-blocking-your-way-until-you-do” kind of way.


A wee bit unhappy with his new Christmas outfit.



But!! I made a great bacon, avocado, and tomato grilled cheese a few days ago that I definitely plan on making again in the near future.   You can’t go wrong with bacon.  Or avocado, for that matter.  (I mean seriously, you could serve bacon-wrapped tongue of old boot and it would be a crowd pleaser!

Old Boot - Yum

Just Add Bacon!!


Anyway, I am calling this creation “The Penultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich”.   Henceforth (and from now on), I will name every grilled cheese I ever make by that name.  Why?  Because I believe there will always be one more twist or tweak to improve perfection. Also, because everyone else always names theirs “The Ultimate Grilled Cheese” and I don’t believe there is such an animal.

These things need no recipes. Just pile it on and you’re good to go!!  That is why we love them so!  (Hey! A Poem!!)

So, here we go (not a poem):



Hey! Where’s the Bacon?!!

Sliced mild cheddar cheese, Roma tomatoes, avocado, and bacon on cottage bread (can’t think why I left the bacon and cottage bread out of the picture). 



Oh, here it is. Whew!!

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because I gave the bacon a picture of its own.



Looking gam dood here!

It’s beginning to look gam dood here.



Bird’s-eye view of sandwich during grilling process (although if a bird ever got this close it would have to be perched on the edge of the cast iron frying pan where it would most certainly burn it’s little claws).

bird’s-eye view, mmmmm…



Hurry up and take the pictures already! I’m getting hangry!

The finished product.  I put another slice of cheese on with the second slice of bread.  That way the cheese would melt in from both sides and hold all the other goodies together.  Also, cuz I like a little more cheese.



Here’s that dang bird again!

And another bird’s-eye view.


Pardon me while I . . . .

Chomp!! Mmmmm-m-m-m-m-m . . . .

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