MAY IS . . .

. . . chock full of things to celebrate!

Alrighty. The weather is getting nicer, the sun is shining more, the snow and ice are long gone, and my restlessness has reached an all-time high.  I have to get rid of this cabin fever thing I’ve got going on!  I need some fun and I need it fast!

With that end in mind, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for fun things to celebrate in May and boy is there a lot of stuff a person can do!  

Right off the bat I find Mother’s Day. (well, duh!) Which deserves a category all to itself.  “Mothers”.  I have a Mother.  I am a Mother.  I want my own category, and by golly, I intend to have it!  So there!

Next I find all kinds of foods that May celebrates.  And there are so many!!  My favorites so far are pretty much the basics (keepin’ it simple!):

National Salad Month

National Hamburger Month

National Egg Month

National Barbeque Month

I stopped there because I was beginning to get hungry.

After food I find “Gifts from the Garden Month”, which makes me sad as the ground in the gardens is a big mushy sponge.  But, it will dry out eventually and I will have gifts from my garden.  Then I find “Get Caught Reading Month”, which will be all-too-easy for me I’m happy to say! 

Go Fetch!!  Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month”, “Older Americans Month”, “National Bike Month”, “Cinco de Mayo”, and “National Military Appreciation Month“ have rounded things out so far, but I’m still looking. 

So, tell me, what will you be celebrating this May??   And on May 12, remember to . . .

call2 (2)


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