July is National Hot Dog Month…

…and today was National Chili Dog Day.

Guess what I made for lunch???

In honor of National Hot Dog Month, here’s a little blast from the past: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fQwJdXFQlU

and here’s another….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNddW2xmZp8

I am not ashamed to admit it . . . I love chili dogs!!  Although I live in the upper mid-west, I am originally from the west coast.  There was, and still is, a great chain of hot dog and hamburger stands called “Der Wienerschnitzel”.  They had great Chili Dogs!! 

Der Wienerschnitzel

Every once in a while, when I reminisce about home, I think about Der Wienerschnitzel.  When we were kids a bunch of us would go there on hot summer days and each order a small shake.  They were .25 cents  and a penny tax.    Then we would sit at one of the tables that were outside (there was no inside dining back then!!) in the broiling Southern California heat and see who could sip the slowest and make their shake last the longest. 

We were easily entertained.

Der Wienerschnitzel had the chili dogs, chili-cheese dogs, kraut dogs, and plain old hot dogs, to name a few.  Everybody had their favorite dog and we’d get a dog, some fries, and a drink for a treat every now and then.  Simple times, simple pleasures just can’t be beat.

This morning I talked to my sister in California and mentioned to her the significance of today’s date.  Then, since I’m here and she’s there, she offered to go and have lunch at Der Wienerschnitzel in my place (chili dog, of course!) and tell me all about it. 

Not quite the same thing, but I guess it’ll do. 

It’ll have to.

I’m still easily entertained.

Bon appetit.

Chili Cheese Dog

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2 Responses to July is National Hot Dog Month…

  1. katesingear says:

    MMmmmmm!!! Chili Dogs @ Der Wienerschnitzel it’s Der fun for everyone!!!

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