Who doesn’t like a good, crispy, crunchy pickle?  Not many folks can resist pickles.  Sweet, dill, midget, bread and butter, or relish, we all love pickles.

And here is a little pickle music, sort of, to go with today’s post:


I’ve been helping out at the Farm Market Kitchen a lot recently.  Earlier this week we were getting a huge batch of dill pickles processed. Sorting through all the cucumbers and trimming the ends gave me a green thumb.  Literally.  I tried to get a picture for posterity, but not being terribly ambidextrous I couldn’t manage the camera left-handed, so I only managed to get a fuzzy looking blob in place of a thumb:


I did better with the pickle pictures.   There were pickles everywhere!

They were here


and here


and even over here.


Here are the pickles taking a little swim.


More swimming pickles.


Can’t have dill pickles without the dill part!


And the garlic part!


And here they are packed and waiting for brine. (Sounds a bit like a movie title…”Waiting For Brine”.)


They’ll be some good eatin’ when they’re done, let me tell you!  Can’t wait for that first lip-smackin’ taste!!


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