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Last weekend was the 12th Annual Wet Whistle Wine Fest in my little corner of the world. Friday evening and all day Saturday it was nothing but wine, music, art, and food.  For a small town there was, as always, … Continue reading

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So, without shame or further ado, here it is…I am one of this week’s “Fantastic Five: Brand New Zibbet Shops”!!!  Fantastic Five is a regular feature on the front page of Zibbet, so I’ll be featured for the next 7 … Continue reading

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Chicken Wrangling!

Raise your hand if you’re a city girl….I know that you can’t see me, but I am waving like anything because I am a city girl, too. As of today, though, I fall into a whole different classification:  I am … Continue reading

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Cookbooks, cookbooks and more cookbooks . . .

A while back I wrote about my very first cookbook here and recently I got out my first real grown-up cookbook, “The Joy of Cooking”. My grandmother sent it to me when I had my first apartment.  It got me thinking … Continue reading

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