So, without shame or further ado, here it is…I am one of this week’s “Fantastic Five: Brand New Zibbet Shops”!!!  Fantastic Five is a regular feature on the front page of Zibbet, so I’ll be featured for the next 7 days!! I am fourth down, “The Mucky Duck”

Can I just say, “Whoooo-Hooooo

 My print of the Chimpanzee King on a vintage dictionary page was the print selected for the feature and I am over the moon about it!  I joined Zibbet on September 3rd, and have been gradually adding some of my favorite prints and quotes to my inventory.  It is giddy-making to be featured like this so soon!!

Chimpanzee King print from The Mucky Duck

Chimpanzee King
print from The Mucky Duck
on Zibbet

Quoting from Zibbet’s About Page, “Zibbet is a global marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of Handmade Goods, Fine Art, Vintage Items and Crafting Supplies.”

Zibbet was created as an alternative to eBay for artisans to list their handmade products.  With clear and concise directions, it is very easy to set up a shop on Zibbet.  Items are listed and sold at fixed prices rather than auction.  Zibbet went live on February 5, 2009 and has been steadily expanding and gaining in popularity ever since. 

Come on over and take a look at Zibbet.  Not sure where to start?  Well, start here  with me!  Shameless Promotion Month, remember?

I only have one thing left to say….YEEEE-HAWWWW!!!

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