two days later

This is the fourth year of National Haiku Writing Month, or NaHaiWriMo, and I didn’t even know it existed!   Haiku is one of the shortest forms of poetry and February is the shortest month of the year…it’s a perfect match!

I write poetry when my muse nudges me.  Next month is the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. The news in the days that followed was stupefying.  The loss of life was unbelievable, destruction of towns and villages on a scale unheard of,  the photos and videos nearly hypnotic.

Two days after the tsunami I read and listened to interviews of some survivors and the seeming calm of the people struck me forcibly. Their soft-spoken words told tales of terror and tragedy that made my heart clench in a way no shrieks or screams could.  Five survivors in particular caught my attention.  Their natural eloquence amidst the horrors heaped upon them was the impetus for me to write.  Here are their stories:

two days later…….


earth water chaos

teahouse of the super moon

adrift in the sea


where are my parents

I had them here in my hands

swirling gods took them


tsunami was black

and I saw people on cars

old ones swept away


teared up while looking

the newly built home erased

“This,” she said, “is life.”


in a four-ton truck

you can sit inside and pray

as the trees sweep past

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