And Not A Drop To Drink

This winter weather has been a lot like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” at Disneyland.  Snow, ice, rain, high winds, brutal cold.  Sometimes all in one day!  The recent severe cold has caused an unusual problem for many cities and towns.  Frozen pipes.

I’ve had frozen pipes before.  I thaw them out with a hair dryer then leave the faucet running at a steady drip until the cold goes away. It runs up the water bill some, but is less costly than calling in a plumber to repair a burst pipe. 

That’s bad, but lately it has gotten worse.

NOW lateral water pipes into buildings are freezing!  The frost level in the ground is about 6 feet deep and getting deeper.  The utility company issued a blanket order a couple weeks ago for everyone on the city water to leave one faucet running a thin stream of water the size of a pencil lead in order to prevent those laterals from freezing.  If those pipes from the house to the city water freeze, homeowners will be responsible for repairs.  Okay, pencil thin stream of water coming up.  Or going down…the drain. 

running faucet

That lasted a few days.  Then it was discovered that the pencil lead thin stream was not enough.  Pipes were still freezing in some places.  So we’ve now been directed to run a pencil-sized stream of water twenty-four hours a day until further notice.  Weeks at least. Maybe months. 

I have a couple of buckets and I wanted to try and save some of the water and find other uses for it, but one bucket filled up in minutes.  I don’t have many houseplants and they don’t need watering every day.  I can use some of the water to flush the toilet and some to run the washing machine, but 99.44% of it will still go down the drain 

If I had a bigger backyard I could throw buckets of water on it to make a mini skating rink.  If only I skated. 

I could pour some into plastic lined boxes and let it freeze into blocks for ice sculptures.  I’ll need to borrow a chainsaw, though. 

If I fill up some milk cartons they could go in the chest freezer to take up the empty spaces.  All three of them.

All this wanting to save the water is a “pipe” dream anyway because I have a little problem with one of my buckets…….

Water, water everywhere.

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