Spring Sprang, or Did It?

Yesterday, Spring arrived.  At least, according to the calendar it did.  I’m finding it hard to believe. 

Spring, maybe

It’s not much different from the day before yesterday.  It’s still cold with some nasty wind chills and there are mountains of plowed up snow everywhere and more snow on the way. But, . . .



I can see teeny-tiny shoots of things coming up in Mother’s garden.  I see bare patches of mousy-brown lawn.  I hear itty-bitty birdies twittering at sun-up.  But, . . .



The days are below freezing and nights are still dipping into the teens, several inches of ice remain in the gutter in front of the house, and the frost level is now down to 8 feet underground (and will probably go lower!).  But, . . .

Shoots again

Shoots again

Dawn is earlier, dusk is later.  The light is lighter and the air is airier. Faces are happier, smilier.  But, . . .

But, but, but, . . .

"I wonder where dem boidies is"

“I wonder where dem boidies is”

What I’m saying is, to me it isn’t that spring has sprung.  It’s more like spring is slowly uncoiling.   And I’m uncoiling with it.  Slowly.  Very slowly.

Spring, sprang, sprung.

And now, something to make your face a little “smilier”….

“A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!”


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