Hot Diggedy (Corn)Dog!!

Saturday was National Corndog Day!!! 

I recently came across the National Corndog Day website and I was hooked!  Quite simply, every once in a while I get a violent craving to have a corndog!  I had my first one at the Los Angeles County Fair way (way, way) back in the early 70’s.  Paired it with a cup of freshly squeezed and sweetened lemonade and I was over the moon!! (The L.A. County Fair now even has a blog called “Hot Blog On A Stick”!  )

Once I found the NCD website, I checked around and found out that the largest hot dog chain in the world, Wienerschnitzel (they have great chili dogs!), was having a special: 2 corndogs for $1.00.  And I missed it! 

Now that I know corndogs have THEIR OWN DAY you can bet your sweet bippy I was celebratin’!  It was a last-minute decision, so I didn’t get anything too fancy.  Only the basics.  And if you want to celebrate National Corndog Day next March, you’ll need just a few things:

You’ll need some corndogs, naturally.


some tater tots (remember, mom always says to eat your veggies and I say taters are veggies!)


and some Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (traditional, according to the NCD website) or your beverage of choice; I chose lemonade for nostalgia (see above).


Now, you’re supposed to be watching this weekend’s college basketball while consuming all this fair fare, but I watched the Britcoms instead.  The menfolk were gone, it was girls night in, and mom had the remote! 

Life is good.

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