Wine Fest!!

Winefest 2015 rolled around this year with a bang!  A bit of a long fuse getting started, but once it did…BANG!

I missed last year’s event, and to me it seemed that this year we were busier than ever.  I got just a quick peek now and then to observe all the merry-making, wine-tasting, foot-stompin’ and brat chompin’.  I did get a few pictures on the fly, and I do mean “fly”.  Flying back and forth from main kitchen to counter.  Almost 10 blocks apart!  (Okay, maybe it only seemed that far while I was dodging dancers, grape stompers, grannies and gramps.)

Anyway,  by mid-afternoon the grounds were jam-packed with partiers, many of them in costume.  I got a photo of the dancing wine bottles again this year.  Couldn’t miss that!  Lovely ladies!

Human wine bottles

The “Nuns on the Run” were also noticeably present, even to joining in on the grape stomp. (I think the one on the right with the pink feather boa was the winner.)


Dozens of groups were wearing their own designed wine themed t-shirts.  I liked this one:


TGIF – Thank God It’s Fermented

Towards the end of the day we had a drawing for prizes.  I missed the first winner (blocked by crowd) but did get the next two.  Prizes were handed out by the ever effervescent Miss Jane.



More music, more drinks, more eats and Wine Fest wound down.   Fond memories of wine, women and song will warm the cockles of my heart.

For about 364 days.


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