Happy Birthday Baby Sister!

Rather startling to think your little baby sister is 50!  Seems like only yesterday she was a wee little thing with Shirley Temple curls and the longest eyelashes in the www (whole wide world!)  What a cutie-pie!

When she was a couple months old, I found the perfect poem to describe my adorable baby sister in a kid’s magazine (that I’ve forgotten the name of) and I’ve remembered it (the poem, not the magazine!) ever since:

Tiny fingers,

tiny toes,

tiny mouth

and a little pink nose.


The Shirley Temple curls are gone, replaced by thick, gorgeous, waist-length tresses, but the eyelashes are as long as ever.  Stunning!


Happy Birthday kiddo!  This one’s for you . . .

and this one . . .


Okay, I’ll stop there.  I could go on, but I won’t.




Just one more?


Well . . . . okay.


But just one, got it?




Happy Half Century Squirt!



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