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Happy Birthday Baby Sister!

Rather startling to think your little baby sister is 50!  Seems like only yesterday she was a wee little thing with Shirley Temple curls and the longest eyelashes in the www (whole wide world!)  What a cutie-pie! When she was … Continue reading

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My latest acquisition. Purchased this past spring. I’ve been keeping it a secret because I was supposed to be weeding out my old cookbooks, not buying more of them. Old, and sometimes new, cookbooks are my one weakness. And I … Continue reading

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Wine Fest!!

Winefest 2015 rolled around this year with a bang!  A bit of a long fuse getting started, but once it did…BANG! I missed last year’s event, and to me it seemed that this year we were busier than ever.  I got … Continue reading

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My Mom’s Vegetable Salad Mold

I originally posted this in March, but I want to keep recipes all together under one page heading, so I’m putting it up again.  “Bear with, bear with.”  This weird recipe for a vegetables-jello-tomato-soup-cream-cheese-salad-mold needs a better name.  It is … Continue reading

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Happy Hallowee-e-e-e-e-n!!!

Well, with no little ones around these days to take Trick-or-Treating, I think I’ll just “treat” myself to a night in watching the scariest movie I have, “Hocus Pocus”, and a special Halloween dinner: a bacon-wrapped weenie with all the … Continue reading

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It is far too soon for this!!! As an accidental mid-westerner, I usually love the first snowfall of the season. Not this time. After last winter held us in it’s tenaciously icy grip for so long, and the lackluster spring … Continue reading

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Three Peas in a Pot

Okay, make that three thousand peas. Split peas. And some carrots, onion, a couple of seasonings, plenty of water and a source of heat. Wait impatiently for a few hours and you have yummy split pea soup. That’s what I … Continue reading

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7 Weeks

Seven weeks ago today my mother died. I’m still feeling more than a bit shell-shocked. Everyday some little thing reminds me she is gone. Last night while I was picking up a few things at the grocery store, I found … Continue reading

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O, to be in England . . .

“O, to be in England                                                                                                                          Now that April’s there” The words of Robert Browning jumped out at me the other day from the pages of a book I was reading.  I was looking for some poetry that would be uplifting, inspiring, … Continue reading

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The Colour Purple

I love hearing about young people getting involved in or starting organizations that help others.  This morning I found another one that certainly deserves some attention.  “Purple Day”, March 26. “Purple Day” was started by a young girl in Nova … Continue reading

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