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It is far too soon for this!!! As an accidental mid-westerner, I usually love the first snowfall of the season. Not this time. After last winter held us in it’s tenaciously icy grip for so long, and the lackluster spring … Continue reading

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Spring Sprang, or Did It?

Yesterday, Spring arrived.  At least, according to the calendar it did.  I’m finding it hard to believe.  It’s not much different from the day before yesterday.  It’s still cold with some nasty wind chills and there are mountains of plowed up snow everywhere … Continue reading

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A Big Chill

We’re gearing up for a big chill in the upper midwest.  Last night the wind was howling and hurling itself at the house like a sumo wrestler attacking his opponent.  The windows were rattling so much I was very afraid … Continue reading

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Before and After the Crack of Dawn on a Sunday Morning in December

6:30 a.m., before dawn cracks . . . I wake to the sound of no sound.  A bit of a stretch, with a groan or two thrown in, and I roll out of bed.  Down in the kitchen to get … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring……

This and this and this Oh, and this… But wait!!  There’s more!! April Showers also bring And since it is going on NOON and no sign of any snowplow so I can get out of here, I am feeling . … Continue reading

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